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Hollis & Darline

April 4, 1993 / Brooklyn, New York

Dear Hunt Productions, When my wife and I were getting married, we had so many options for so many details in planning a wedding. We heard of some horror stories where videos were never delivered, the cost were astronomical and service marginal at best. However, we heard of Desmond Hunt and his video services. We personally knew of his integrity and decided to look into using him for our memorable occasion. He took us through the process step by step and gave us a price up front. The service was professional and attention as well as the price was just right. We have now been married for twelve years and we still are enjoying our wedding video today. I highly recommended Hunt Productions to all my friends. Thank you,

Clem & Jimena

September 8, 2002 / Huntington Station, New York

"Desmond, We just wanted to offer our sincere thanks for helping our special day run so smoothly. Your prompt and professional qualities really diminished our stress during the course of the evening. We are extremely pleased with the video of our memories and are sure to watch them for years to come. Thank you again. Best Regards"  

Delroy & Dilys

November 24, 1996 / Laurelton, New York

"Dear Desmond, We had our wedding filmed by Hunt Productions, and it was great quality, wonderful service, and a great production. You were very professional and the rates were great! You had different package choices and let us choose what was best for our budget. If we were getting married again, you definitely would be getting our business. Thanks again … and you are a Christian!!"

Arthur & Kathleen

August 3, 2003 / Brooklyn, New York

"Dear Hunt Productions, Thank you for the marvelous job you did with our video. We are especially please with you for going the full length of our wedding and the editing that was done. There were no glitches or abrupt endings like we saw with othervideo productions. Each time we have a gathering our video is the main movie and all who see it says it is an excellent job. Both the DVD and the video are excellent productions. My wife and I are very glad to have chosen you. May all of God's richest blessings be with you always"

Don & Fadra

April 19, 2009 / Kissimmee, Florida

Dear Mr. Hunt Our wedding video is spectacular, Hunt production is easy to work with he made our video like a story. He was able to capture every moment and the shots were amazing. As we look back on the video and reflect on that special day, I am glad that we included this feature as it is an unforgettable memory and is worth it. Thanks Hunt production for an amazing job. Don't hesitate to hire him, because he passionate about what he does.

Garrett & Nicola

July 4, 1993 / Laurelton, New York

"Hi Desmond, Garrett and I just want you to know that we are so pleased with our wedding video. You did such a good job capturing the beauty of our wedding and all of the special moments of our special day. Since the wedding we have watched the video so many times and have shared it with our friends and family, and had so much compliments. Thank you for your professional service and for getting the video to us in a timely manner. We will cherish this keepsake forever."

Shambling & Jodi

June 16, 1999 / Brentwood, New York

Dear Desmond (Hunt Productions), Thank you so much for all you have done to make our wedding day so very special. We appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making our wedding video so beautiful and memorable.

Passard & Karine

December 23, 1990

"We would like to express our heart-felt appreciation and gratitude on what you did for us on our wedding day, Dec. 23, 1990. Oh yes, we have photographs and a beautiful one at that! Better still is our videotape of our wedding that you so professionally put together for us. Many, many thanks.


I don’t need to tell you how much more alive & realistic a videotape is compared to still photos. We can watch and hear invited guests, friends, family and loved ones as they were on that day. Long after the pictures in our minds begin to fade but the images on the videotape stay forever compared to the moment. That gift is priceless. My aunt who stood in my mother’s place in the wedding has since then passed, but I can still hear and see her whenever I want. All I need to do is put the tape in and there she is!


Also, you gave Passard and I such a classy production that I believe Hollywood has a real competitor in you. You had such good special effects that were quite a pleasant surprise for the both of us. Kudos to you Mr. Desmond Hunt!! You did a marvelous work for us that will last more than a lifetime. Thank you ever so much for the price less treasure."

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