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  • Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the menu features on your new DVD.

  • For optimal picture viewing and quality, adjust the color and tint controls on your television, especially if skin tones do not appear to be correct.

  • Make sure the disc is properly seated in the tray before closing the door.

  • Single sided discs should be inserted with titles and artwork facing up.

  • All DVD media you receive will have a “PLAY” button on the menu, of course, which plays the entire DVD.  On some DVDs, we have options to select titles / chapters on the menu to play desired items of interest.  You can use your arrow to see what items are highlighted and select it for viewing.

  • The occurrence of dropped frames in the picture may occur.  This is a result from minor imperfections in the DVD media or the DVD player compatibility with the device that recorded the DVD.  If the DVD does not play, try placing the disc in another DVD player.

  • Attempting to pry a disc out of the case without unlocking the hub can result in over- flexing the disc, delamination, and even hub cracks. The rosette in the center of the case must be gently pressed until the disc pops free, letting you lift it effortlessly by its edges.



There are isolated cases where the disc may not play in non-compliant DVD-R players – usually produced before the year 2000. The problem is not the disc, it is a faulty DVD player.  This disc has been tested and verified for proper functionality and playback.

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